this pertains to the other one of mine down below.

what was the significance of Franciso Vasquez de Coronado's finding in his exploration. I understand what he did but I can't pull out a sinificance that pertains to us.

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  1. The significance was that although he searched a wide area of the American southwest, Coronado pretty much proved that there were no "cities of gold" there. He also found the Grand Canyon. Ironically, today the Grand Canyon is a "city of gold" with millions of tourist dollars spent there annually.

    Check this site for more information.


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    Ms. Sue
  2. He was one of the New World's major explorers. You should easily be able to see significance? Just look at the maps in here -- and notice the dates (compare dates with Columbus's first journey):



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  3. christopher's was later ans he came in a different direction. I still don't see

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  4. thank you so much

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