Answer the following questions

what does pre viernes el pescado o el bonyo mean

what does que co mis parlemis i duno mean?

what does pre viernes la liche o el hugo mean in spanish?

what does que te gusta comer parde e la guarso mean?

I know some of these are spelled wrong, but can you please help me translate this? I was listening to a recording and didn't understand it.. Thank you so much I really appreciate it :)If you would answer these I would be so happy thanks! :D

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  1. If you number the items it's easier for both of us to be on the same item.

    1. I can not help you with what is misspelled. viernes = Friday / el pescado = the fish / o = or / el = the

    2. mis = my

    3. viernes = Friday la = the / leche? = milk / o = or / el = the

    4. Qué = what / te gusta = pleases you OR do you like / comer = to eat /

    You will have to come a lot closer to what you were hearing because with what is here, I can't even guess!


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