what is the normal phase, what family does it belong to, and finally how much does it coast.

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  1. You can identify the family by looking at the periodic table. The families are the numbered columns. For example, Helium through Francium are in group 1A. Boron through Ununtrium are in group 5A. The "A" means that they are representative elements, those that are above the others on the periodic table. Look for Neon's family. (All elements in that family are called noble gases.)

    I don't know what a normal phase is, and do you mean how much does it COST? I don't know what element coasting is either, but one of the science experts can probably help you with that.

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  2. 99.999% neon is available for 165 euros ( about $250 U. S. dollars in round numbers) for 1 cubic decimeter of the gas.

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  3. normal phase isnt price

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