Hi there!

I'm having trouble understanding this:

"Clearly define the term Eucenism, including the four key elements"
- My teacher said that the four elements are unity of faith
unity oin sacramental life
unity of Mission. What's the third one and ...i just don't understand what you have to do here...

They also say to give details about the NCCA + the 'Pilgrimage Resurrection'...What does that mean (Pilgrimage Resurrection)?

And does anyone know of a document from Church or one passage the speaks on Eucenism besides Ut Unum Sint By John Paul II of May 25, 1995

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  1. If you conduct a general web search for "eucenism" here's what you get:
    Very general, very confusing.

    If you conduct a search for the term in Google Scholar (, there are no results at all.

    If you check dictionaries, this is what happens:

    You should 1) make sure the spelling is correct and/or 2) go back and ask your teacher to clarify all this.

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  2. Are you sure you are not asking about ecumenism? That sounds more in line with your question.

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  3. Oh sorry! I had a typo there! yes you're right.

    And thanks again Writeacher.

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