Calculus (double check my anser please)

Evaluate integral e^3x cosh 2x dx.

A.1/2 e^5x + 1/2 e^x + C
B.1/10 e^5x + 1/2e^x + C<<< my answer
C.1/4e^3x + 1/2 x + C
D.1/10 e^5x + 1/5 x + C

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  1. Lets look at b.

    d/dx (1/10 e^5x+ 1/2 e^x + C)
    1/2 e^5x + 1/2 e^x

    1/2 (e^3x (e^2x+e^-2x))

    e^3x (e^2x+e-2x)/2

    e^3x cosh2x

    yep, you are correct.

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