6{[3(x 4)+16]-[3(4x-3)+4]}
how do I solve this expression I cant figure this out

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  1. What is: 3(x 4)?

    3(x+4) OR 3(x-4)

    If 3(x 4)=3(x+4) then:





    3x+28-12x-(-5)=3x+28-12x+5= -9x+33

    6{[3(x 4)+16]-[3(4x-3)+4]}=6*(-9x+33)=
    -6*9x+6*33= -54x+198

    If 3(x 4)=3(x-4) then:





    3x+4-12x-(-5)=3x+4-12x+5= -9x+9

    6{[3(x 4)+16]-[3(4x-3)+4]}=6*(-9x+9)=
    -6*9x+6*9= -54x+54

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