Child Care

1. The interaction between a child's biological makeup and the environmental influences that affect his or her development and behavior is called the
a) balanced systems approach b) ecological systems theory c) body in the classroom analysis d) me/them dynamic

2. Alcohol, drugs, radiation, and pollutants that affect a child's development are called
a) teratogens b)toxic inhibitors c) transferal agents d)phenylanines

3. A main source of fat and saturated fatty acids in children's diets is
a)meat b)candy c)whole milk d)french fries

4. When a child demonstrates an inabilty to leap over a barrier, his teacher checks to see if he has mastered the skills of jumping down from a height and jumping for distance. In doing this, the teacher is
a)applying a development perspective b)measuring the child's confidence level
c) having a negative effect on the child's self-esteem d)sequencing motor change

5. Neuron development and elaboration, which occurs between birth and age 10 is prompted by
a) aural prompts from the family, school, and environment b)physcial movement on the part of the child c)intake of foods rich in vitamins and minerals d) exposures to different temperatures, surfaces, and substances.

6. What are three main factors in a readiness model?
a) Maturation, learning, and motivation
b) Height, weight, and age c) Psychological, social, and physical d) Age, intelligence, and agility

7. A child practices tossing a ball into a hoop from the same distance each day. What type of knowledge is he using
a) Adaptive b) regressive c) Hypothetical d) Assimilative

My answers

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  1. I think your answers are all correct.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. growth, maturation, and learning are all used interchangeably with the term of what?

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  3. development

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  4. Which of the following can be observed best by using a checklist

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