An airplane is doing a vertical loop in the air. The airplane goes at a velocity of 320 and at the top of the loop, n=500N. The pilot weighs 62kg.
calc the radius of the loop

vertical loop, given: v=320, n at the top=510N, m=62kg

i don't know what eqn i use to find the radius of the loop..

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  1. again, what is n? n is not a commonly known symbol, at least here in Texas.

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  2. n is normal force

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  3. If n is the force of the seat pushing on the pilot at the top of the loop, then
    n + mg = m V^2/R, the centripetal force

    Solve for R. You need to state what your units of velocity are. They should be in m/s if you expect the formula to work with Newtons, kg and meters for the other terms

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