f(x) = 7 ln x; estimate f '(4)

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  1. 9.70

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  2. thanks

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  3. Master is incorrect

    f(x) = 7 ln x

    f' = 7/x
    f'(4) = 7/4

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  4. thank u helper ur right
    can u help with this
    q(p) =
    + 3.2; q'(5)

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  5. In google type: calc101

    When you see list of resultc click on:

    Calc101com Automatic Calculus,Linear Algebra and Polynomiasls
    When page be open clik option: derivatives

    When this page be open in rectacangle type:


    and click options DO IT

    You will see solution step-by-step

    By the way on this site you can practice any kind of derivation.



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  6. thanks

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