010 (part 1 of 5) 10.0 points
A string of 26 identical Christmas tree lights
are connected in series to a 120 V source. The
string dissipates 63 W.
What is the equivalent resistance of the
light string?
Answer in units of Ω.

011 (part 2 of 5) 10.0 points
What is the resistance of a single light?
Answer in units of Ω.

012 (part 3 of 5) 10.0 points
What power is dissipated in a single light?
Answer in units of W.

013 (part 4 of 5) 10.0 points
One of the bulbs burns out. The lamp has a
wire that shorts out the bulb filament when it
burns out, dropping the resistance of the bulb
to zero.
What is the resistance Rnew of the light
string now?
Answer in units of Ω.

014 (part 5 of 5) 10.0 points
Find the power Pnew dissipated by the string
Answer in units of W.

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  1. I will be happy to critque your thinking.

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