I included only 4 sentences for you to check. Thank you.

1) Refer then to the episodes which lead to the abolition of slavery.
2) He provides us with several epigrams –short and clever amusing sentences – which express his idea in a clever and amusing way. Henry is the typical dandy.
3) He speaks through paradox. He tells Lord Henry believes beauty to be not as superficial as thought.
4)The ageing process makes people sallow, hollow-cheecked and dull-eyed. What only matters in life is being young and beautiful.

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asked by Mike
  1. 1. Use "led" (past tense spelling) instead of "lead"

    2. You should not repeat "clever" and "amusing" -- how will you rephrase?

    3. Who is "he"? Lord Henry? The second sentence is missing something. How will you clarify and rephrase.

    4. Delete "only" - it's very awkwardly placed.

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