i need to write a test paper on the scarlet letter using the quote:
The shrewd pick their way warily. The passionate are likely to stumble or go wrong, and "good intentions" have no bearing on the inevitable penalty, which often far exceeds the crime. This is hard, but, to the heroic in heart, no cause for despair. There is wisdom to be won from the fine hammered steel of woe; a flower to be plucked from the rosebush at the prison door "to relieve the darkening close of a tale of human frailty and sorrow,
and other writings from Emerson and Thoreau and connect in specific/detailed ways to Hester Prynne and Arthure Dimmesdale

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  1. You'll need to take each quotation you've been given and go through the book to find related passages. Then build your paper with these passages and quotations.

    Here are some websites with information that may help:


    Use the list of contents on the left, especially the Effective quoting section under Evidence.

    All the sections in the first and second columns should be helpful, as well as the Literature link in the fourth column.

    Please repost if you want help with your thesis and outline before writing your first draft. You may also repost if you want your first (or any) draft critiqued by someone here.


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  2. haha i need help with my thesis and outline please. i am sooo lost. thanks =)

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