law please check my answer

please check my answer thanks :)

Dr Bob thinks Sue a minor needs an operation . Sue's parents give their consent to the oeration this is an example of an informed consent

True or False

I said True

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  1. True. she needs parental/gardian concence before the docter can do the surgery

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  2. Your question doesn't state that Sue's parents have been told all of the information they need to make an informed consent. Were they told about the possible dangers inherent in surgery? Were they told of alternative treatments?

    I don't think that example illustrates "informed consent."

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    Ms. Sue
  3. I will go with true, ASSUMING the permission form tells them what the need is, the procedure, and a statement that they have been informed of possible side effects and dangers. What is one the document they sign will determine how ïnformed" they were.

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