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please check my answer thanks :)

Sally who is a minor is being operated by Dr Bob who dicovers a life threatening tumor and the pt could die with in hours this tumor was previously unknown her parents are in the waiting room Dr Bob should

1. remove the tumor
2. ask her parents premission to remove the tumor

I picked #2

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  1. Absolutely!

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    Ms. Sue
  2. If there is time, he should not leave the patient on the operating table, however, he can send someone else if available to seek permission. If not possible, he should remove the tumor. Doctors are given wide latitude in emergencies, and juries seldom will call them to task for doing the best they could under the circumstances. Parents under no conditions are allowed to prevent a doctor from saving a life in an emergency, and the parents cannot plead for more time, or such, or take a coffee break, or a prayer break, or such. The law allows for Doctors to practice competent medicine, and in an emergency, allows for parents to be excluded or even ignored.

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