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i need help!!!!

There were 100 more balcony tickets then main-floor tickets sold for a concert. The balcony tickets sold for $4 and the main-floor tickets sold for $12. The total amount of sales for both types of tickets was $3,056.

a. write an equations or a system of equations that describes the given situation. define the variables.
b.Find the number of balcony tickets that were sold.

Although I will not solve the problem completely for you, I will tell you the process for reaching the solution. This will mean that you will have to exert a little more effort, time and thinking, but I hope it will help you to learn more.

Let M stand for the number of main-floor tickets sold. Then the number of balcony tickets would be (M + 100). (You could also let B equal the number of balcony tickets and B - 100 for the number of main-floor tickets.)

Thus the money for the balcony tickets with the first version above was $4 (M + 100) and the money for the main-floor tickets was $12 M.

You should be able continue from here.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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