Please help me I am stuck on this one.

Which of the following sentences has a compound predicate?

1. Sue and Sara played basketball and tennis all day.
2. With the right investments, Mike thinks he can get rich.
3. My whole family enjoys skiing and snowboarding.
4 Yesterday I cleaned and painted my kitchen.

I picked 2

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  1. A compound predicate means that there are two or more verbs in there.

    1. Sue and Sara ... played (nope, only one verb)

    2. Mike ... thinks (nope, only one verb)

    3. family ... enjoys (nope, only one verb)

    4. I ... cleaned and painted (aha! two verbs)


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  2. Sentence 2 doesn't have a compound predicate.

    A compound predicate has two verbs. Which of your sentence has two verbs and one subject?

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    Ms. Sue
  3. Thanks I got now :)

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