physics homework

An ocean liner going from country a to country b stops for a few days in country. You are on board and wish to estimate the time it will take you to get to country b. it is 3700 km from country a to country c and 6200 km from country c to country b. It took 5.1 days to reach country c from country a. What is the average velocity of the ocean liner in km/hr? how long will it take to reach country b from country c?

asked by sarah
  1. The average velocity is v = d/t. It took 5.1 days to travel 3700km from a to c. v=?

    How long does it take to travel 6200km from b to c at that velocity?
    v = d/t, so t = d/v. t=?

    posted by Marth
  2. v= d/t
    3700km + 6200km/122.4 hrs = 80.88 km/hr

    6200km/80.88km/hr = 76.66 hrs

    posted by iya

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