To conduct a scientific experiment, students need to mix 90 mL of a 3% acid solution. They have a 1% and a 10% soulution available. How many mL of each of the two solution must they combine to pruduce 90mL of the 3% solution?

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asked by James
  1. Theoretically they need 90ml & 3% = 2.7ml of 100% solution.
    Let x=volume of 10% solution, then
    90-x = volume of 1% solution.
    x*10% + (90-x)*1% = 2.7
    Multiply by 100:
    10x + (90-x) = 270
    Solve for x and check.
    I get 20ml 10% and (90-20)ml 1%.

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    posted by MathMate

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