English(how is it?)

Should there be abolishment of the 12th grade? To some this may sound like a good idea in theory. But there could

be too many complications that come along as well. Some feel as if the 12th grade should be abolished in favor of job

training. As well as trying to encouraging high school drop outs by increasing their self asteem and preparing them for the

future. Teens feels as if the 12th grade year is a time to sit back and relax. This helps them preapre to transition out of

high school to enter the college of their chioce.
Republican Senator Chris Butters of Utah proposed cutting the 12th grade from Utah high schools. Terminating the

12th grade will save the state $102 million.This wont be a good idea due to the fact that most colleges require 4 years of

english, math, sicence and social studies. Senior year is to help students decide what there career path would be. To high

school seniors this is a time to celebrate all their hard earned work that they have accomplished. Towards the end of the

school year many events are taken place. Such as prom, senior trips, pranks, senior cut day, senior portrait, and most of

all yearbook signing and graduation. If the abolishment of the 12th grade was to happen there would be no jobs available

for there level of education. Some students take advantage of the 12th grade to take electives towards their career goal.
Abolishment of the 12th grade will put the idea into some stdents head that its okay to quit school, and transition

into a low paying job that offers no benefits. Doing this is just setting them up to fail. The 12th grade allows student to

gain more education on the profession they chose.Such as future doctors,lawyers,nurses, politicans, and future leaders of

this country. Throwing them out into the real world without preparation is also setting the economy up to fall into another

recession. Most jobs require excellent and percise skills and intensive training. This is what college is for. There will

be no job oppourtinities for a majority of these teens.We need to better education not destroy it.
Senior year is just a step further towards adulthood. To help you become successful in whatever career path you

chose. Without the 12th grade students wont have enough background knowledge on the profession of there choice. To most

teens senior year is one of the most important times in there lives. Skipping the 12th grade gives them a disadvantage at

life.It would be taking away from there educational experience's. The biggest mistake would be taking away there ability to

chose the right path that fits their future. Its important to make their educational experience count.
Senior year is what most teens look foward to when entering high school. To me education is critical. If there is

no education backround, then you wont be as successful in life as you imagined youself being. Teaching someone the value of

education can give them the drive to do better in life. The idea of abolishing the 12th grade is wrong. Its taking away

experiences that can help a teen grow and become more responsible, and successful in the profession of your choice.

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asked by Sarah
  1. What is your question?

    This reminds me that 12th grade was added to my grandfather's rural Indiana high school about 1895 -- 115 years ago.

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. To:Ms SUE
    i want to know is it well written? what is your oponion on it. Should i change anything?

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    posted by Sarah
  3. It is important to state your reasons early. Otherwise, it's hard to follow. I'm not sure, after reading this, WHY you think they should keep the 12th grade.

    For now, stick to the power of 3. 3 reasons.

    Sentence thesis: something like, "It is important that we keep the 12th grade in our schools." The next three sentences, state why. Then the next 3 paragraphs, expand on each one.

    Be careful of your grammar as well. For now, I would work on structuring your paper more clearly. After that, you can focus on grammar and spelling. (There is a place, by the way).

    Hope this helps some.

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  4. If the 12th grade was abolished, then the 11th grade would seem like 12th grade and the same thing would happen..

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    posted by Jen
  5. 5 ways of which environment problems impact the community

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    posted by katlego
  6. Ya you do this by eating some bananas, there ya go

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    posted by Molly

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