algebra 2 multiple choice HELP

find f(a), if f(t) = 2t2(squared)-t-2

A. 2(a+t)2(squared)-2t+1-2
B. 2(t+a)2(squared)-2(t+a)-2
C. 2a2(squared)-a-2
D. 4a2(squared)-2a-2

I put (squared) because the two in front of it means it's being squared... please help. thanks!

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  1. Which answer would you choose if you replace all the "t" on the right hand side of the function definition by "a"?

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  2. I'm not sure, A??

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  3. or C?

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  4. Yes, it's C.

    Change all the t's to a's in
    f(t) = 2t2(squared)-t-2
    you get
    f(a) = 2a2(squared)-a-2

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  5. ahh thanks!

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