English- VOCAB. for Great Expectations

What do these mean?
manifest, blithe, gait, felicious, malice, interlocutor, pervade, dejected, assail, obtrusive, exonerate, tacit, extricate, diconcerted, ascertain, vicarious, trenchant, execrate, cogent, miscreant, acquiesce, affable, propitiate, traverse, ignominious, obstinate, divulge, discursive, abject, mottled, countenance, constable, indicative, pilfer, rimy, indiscriminate, amiable, haughty, peruse, averse, divine, pernicious, imbue, impetuous, supercilious, ponderous, inefficacy, morose, descry, insolent, intimate, capricious, derision, corroborate, obseqious, ruminate, tremulous, melancholy, elixir, prodigious, apparition, purblind, unconscionable, engender, capacious, detriment, abhorrent, maudlin, cravat, sagacious

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  1. You'll find all of these definitions in this dictionary:


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    Ms. Sue
  2. Thank you, Ms. Sue!

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  3. piss-to pee out

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