1. I am a farmer, ain't I?
2. I am a farmer, aren't I?

(Which one is correct? What is the correct tag question?)

3. Open the door, will you?
4. Open the door, won't you?
5. Don't open the door, will you?
6. Don't open the door, won't you?
(Which ones are grammatical from #3 to #6?)

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asked by rfvv
  1. i cn try to help.
    I am a farmer, aren't I? is correct.

    Open the door, will you? is correct.

    Dont open the door, will you? is correct.

    I may understand what your asking me. But the least i can do is TRY to help. Good luck on other opinions.

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    posted by Sherkyra8456
  2. 1 is incorrect.
    2 is correct

    3 and 4 are correct, but no one would use 5 and 6. In place of 5 and 6, you'd say, "Please don't open the door."

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    posted by Writeacher

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