9th gradesocial studies

i have a project on changing area under forest and its impact on environment and i am not getting any information on it can you help me

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  1. Read widely and take good notes.

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    into a dense dangerous mess. Our old growth forests are choking with brush, tinder-dry debris, and dead trees which make the ... Thinning some trees and clearing underbrush ... The Forest Service calls on you to stay involved or get ...

    Fighting Wildfires Before They Start - NASA Science
    Apr 5, 2010 ... Image courtesy USDA Forest Service. [more information]. As a ballpark estimate, ... They clear underbrush, open seed pods, and return nutrients to the soil. ... That can be a danger sign if conditions become drier. ...

    Two Kinds of Forest Fire and The Logic of Prescribed Burning - The ...
    Mar 21, 2010 ... Compared to that danger, controlled burns in the right weather are far ... In most of the last hundred years, the Forest Service, and here my ... plus a huge number Civil Conservation Core teams to clear the underbrush. ...

    War of Words Over Station Fire - Page 1 - News - Los Angeles - LA ...
    Sep 8, 2009 ... Dennis Hulbert is the Forest Service's California aviation chief, charged with ... it failed to “clear underbrush” in the Angeles National Forest. ... but will increase fire danger by replacing iconic, native shrubs like ...

    Cutting down the trees to save the forest - SFGate
    Feb 1, 2004 ... The 2001 Sierra Framework called for clearing out the underbrush ... Forest Service regional leader Jack Blackwell believes the ... But chainsawing away fire dangers isn't acceptable to a state addicted to the outdoors. ...

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  2. 25pages work for this topic

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