sodium reacts completely with 0.142kg of chlorine, forming 234g of sodium chloride. What mass of sodium reacted?

I know that for chemical changes the amounts should end up being equal, but I don't know how to set up the problem.

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  1. It is the number of atoms, or moles, of Na which is equal to the number of atoms, or moles, of Cl in NaCl
    Na = 23 grams/mol
    Cl = 35.5 grams/mol

    NaCl = 58.5 grams/mol

    so if we ended up with 234 grams ofNaCl, that was 4 mols of NaCl

    That requires 4*23 = 92 grams of Na
    That requires 4*35.5 = 142 grams of Cl, sure enough

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  2. 92.0

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  3. 92 is the correct answer.

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  4. 124

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