Consumer Math Check

1. Money paid to a worker as a reward for good service is called ____________.
2. A ____________ is a record of time a worker starts and ends each day.
a.)Weekly timecard
=b.)Daily log
c.)Pay period
3. ____________ is work paid for based on the number of units produced.
b.)Unit rate
4. The ____________ is the amount paid per unit of work produced.
b.)Commission rate
=c.)Unit rate
5. The time someone works over the regular number of hours is called ____________.
6. A set of logs for each workday of the week is a ____________.
a.)Daily log
b.)Pay period
=c.)Weekly timecard
7. A percent of sales earned by a salesperson is called ____________.
b.)Unit rate
c.)Overtime rate
8. For some jobs, pay is based on a(n)____________, or a fixed amount per hour.
=b.)Hourly rate
c.)Overtime rate
9. The ____________ is the amount a person is paid per hour for working more than the regular number of hour per week.
a.)Commission rate =b.)Overtime rate
10. ____________ is the percent of total sales paid as commission to a salesperson.
=a.)Commission rate
b.)Unit rate
c.)Hourly rate
11. The period of time between paychecks is called the ____________.
a.)Weekly timecard
=c.)Pay period
12. The fixed amount of money a worker is paid for a job is called a ____________.
a.)Unit rate

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  1. Would you try answering the questions and show us your work. We'll be glad to critique.

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  2. The = signs are my answers and there's no work to show, it was in my reading material but some of it confused me so I just want it double checked!

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  3. Sorry, I didn't notice the = signs.
    Yes, they're all correct.
    Keep up the good work.

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  4. Thank you! :-)

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  5. I think you got everything right.

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  6. Ricki Cohn Encyclopedia sales Commission rate: 11% Month’s sales: $2,550 What is the monthly commission?

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  7. krjk45km6565

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  8. Ricki Cohn Encyclopedia sales Commission rate: 11% Month’s sales: $2,550 What is the monthly commission?

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  9. a.)Tips

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  10. Susan Laytin Jewelry sales Commission rate: 6% Monthly salary: $585 Month's sales: $6,750 What is the monthly pay?

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  11. =a.)Tips

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