Two snowcats tow a housing unit to a new location at McMurdo Base, Antarctica, as shown in Figure 4-46. The sum of the forces A and B exerted on the unit by the horizontal cables is parallel to the line L, and FA = 4300 N. Determine FB and the magnitude of FA + FB.

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  1. well, i don't know what angles you've got in your figure, but to find FB use:
    and solve for FB:
    FB=FAsin(thetaA) / sin(thetaB)

    and for the magnitude of FA + FB:
    FAcos(thetaA) + FBcos(thetaB)

    hope that helps.

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  2. If the total force is along the line L (in the figure) then the two x components cancel out and you use that property to find FB by setting the components equal to each other.

    And since the x components canceled out, the total force is just the sum of the y components, going along line L. Thus the total force is |FAy + FBy|.

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