medical coding 1

Could someone please check over my answers, and give me the correct answers if they are wrong. Thanks you very much for any and all help.

1. Which one of the following items must be included in a general multisystem examination of a constitutional system?
A. Vital signs
B. Inspection of teeth and gums
C. Auscultation of the lungs
D. Palpation of lymph nodes

I chose A.

2. The abbreviation NOS is used
A. when a separate code for a specific condition isn’t provided in the classification
B. when the medical record doesn’t provide enough information to permit assignment
of a more specific code.
C. to indicate that another code may describe the condition more completely or
D. to provide assurance that the code is correct by listing various terms that are
covered by the code.

I chose B.

3. In the Alphabetic Index to Procedures of the ICD-9-CM manual, locate the correct code
for “ligation and stripping of varicose veins in the lower limb.” Verify the code in the
Tabular List. The code is
A. 38.50.
B. 38.53.
C. 38.58.
D. 38.59.

I chose C.

4.The chief complaint, a brief history of present illness, and a problem-specific review of systems are documented in what type of history level for E/M coding?
A. Detailed
B. Brief
C. Expanded problem focused
D. Comprehensive

I chose A.

5. An attending physician asks a specialist to see a patient about a specific problem and to advise him regarding treatment. This situation is called a
A. confirmatory consultation.
B. referral.
C. transfer of care.
D. consultation.

I chose A.

6. When coding late effects, the code for the _______ is usually sequenced first.
A. original cause
B. residual condition
C. modifier
D. complication

I chose A.

7.What is the main term in the diagnosis “pituitary gland hypofunction”?
A. Ablation
B. Pituitary
C. Gland
D. Hypofunction

I chose D.

8.In the Tabular List, where would you find alternative terms and explanatory phrases?
A. In square brackets
B. After a colon
C. In double braces
D. In parentheses

I chose A.

9. According to the Tabular List for code 463, which one of the following conditions is excluded from the code?
A. Follicular tonsillitis
B. Acute viral tonsillitis
C. Septic sore throat
D. Septic tonsillitis

I chose D.

10.The _______ medical decision-making category includes minimal diagnoses, minimal complexity of data, and minimal risk of complications.
A. straightforward
B. simple
C. low complexity
D. uncomplex

I chose C.

11.Which of the following ICD-9-CM and CPT codes would you use to describe
physician supervision only of a cardiovascular stress test on a patient with an
abnormal electrocardiogram?
A. 794.31, 93016
B. 793.40, 93000
C. 787.1, 93012
D. V70.01, 93014

I chose C.

12.When coding, you should always use the Tabular List to
A. verify the codes you’ve located in the Alphabetic Index.
B. locate codes not found in the Alphabetic Index.
C. find the range of codes for a particular disease.
D. determine if there are any cross references for the code.

I chose C.

13.In the Alphabetic Index to Procedures in the ICD-9-CM manual, locate the correct code
for “open drainage of the chest by incision.” Verify the code in the Tabular List.
A. 34.09
B. 34.05
C. 34.04
D. 34.01

I chose B.

14. Which of the following range of codes is used to report Emergency Department Services?
A. 99271–99280
B. 99281–99288
C. 99289–99297
D. 99298–99305

I chose C.

15. Which of the following physical status modifiers would be used to code a patient with a mild systemic disease?
A. P1
B. P2
C. P3
D. P4

I chose D.

16.Anesthesia procedure codes are grouped according to
A. patient status.
B. time required.
C. anatomic site.
D. procedure used.

I chose D.

17. Which of the following code ranges is used to report a coronary bypass graft using veins only?
A. 33510–33516
B. 33533–33545
C. 33517–33523
D. 33533–33536

I chose A.

18. Which of the following HCPCS Level II modifiers is used to indicate a procedure performed on the thumb of the left hand?
A. -FA
B. -F1
C. -FT
D. -L1

I chose D.

19. A diagnosis of spinal stenosis of the lumbar spine is coded to
A. 723.00.
B. 724.00.
C. 724.01.
D. 724.02.

I chose B.

20. Which of the following range of codes is used to describe laparoscopic removal of the gallbladder?
A. 47562–47564
B. 47611–47620
C. 56340–56342
D. 56345–56347

I chose A.

21. Which of the following procedures is used to correct sleep apnea?

I chose C.

22. In addition to the CPT codes, _______ are frequently used when reporting general surgical procedures to provide better detail.
A. modifiers
B. ICD-9-CM codes
C. physician signatures
D. anesthesiologist reports

I chose B.

23. Which of the following procedures involves inserting an endoscope past the third part of the duodenum?
B. Esophagoscopy
D. Ileoscopy

I chose B.

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  1. 3. D
    4. C
    5. D
    6. B
    9. C
    10. A
    11. A
    12. A
    13. A
    14. B
    15. B
    16. C
    18. A
    19. D
    21. D
    22. A
    23. B

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  2. If you get your answers off of this site or others like this double check your work. Just because they are on here does not always make them correct. I wanted to do a little reasearch on an assignment I had and came across this site I started double checking my answeres because they were diffrent than the ones on here. I found some of the ones on here to be wrong.

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    posted by Belinda

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