human growth and development

Both before and after birth,physical development follows the cephalocaudal principle and the proximodistal principle.Which pair pf events below best illustrates first cephalocaudal,then proximodistal development?
a)Izzy could clap his hands stamp his feet and nod "yes and "no" before he could walk
b)Menelik could give a hug before he could pick up a pea and squeeze the cat before he could pull its whiskers
c)Eloise could hug the cat before she could pull his whiskers and stamp her feet before she could clap her hands
d)Betina could lift her head before she could walk and give a hug before she could pick up a pea

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asked by vedrana
  1. I think a, b, and d could be correct.

    Please define these two terms:

    **cephalocaudal principle

    **proximodistal development

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  2. cephalocaudal principle that development proceeds in a head to tail direction;that is that upper parts of the body develop before lower parts of the trunk
    -proximodistal principle that development proceeds from within to without;that is ,that parts of the body near the center develop before the extremities

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    posted by vedrana
  3. Then I agree with you about D.

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  4. Baby Lilith’s big sister has taken Lilith’s new teddy bear from her and has hidden it in the closet. Baby Lilith will look for the teddy bear if she has developed

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  5. a) object permanence
    b) visual preference
    c)cross-modal transfer
    d) causality

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  6. the reasons that behavioral geneticists study sets of twins is to try to determine:
    a) which karyotypes differentiate monochorionic from dichorionic twins
    b) the relative influence of heredity and environment within a given population
    c) the level of genetic and chromosomal abnormalities that are present in the population
    d) which defects are transmitted by dominant inheritance, and which are transmitted by recessive inheritance

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  7. b.

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