The area of a circle with radius is given by the formula A=pie times radius to the 2nd power

make an table of values for A as r (radius) increases from 0 to 10 unit

r A
0 0
1 pi*1
2 pi*4
3 pi*9
etc.Note the correct spelling of pi.

isn't that impossible to do it on a graph cuz u are multipling by itself so 10 times 10= 100

The question was to make a table. I made a table for you to use using zero, 1, 2, and 3. You simply continue using 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. And 10 x 10 will be 100, when you get to that number, but, again, the question was to make a table. You didn't say anything about a graph. However, IF you are to plot a graph, too, you just make the scale of the graph so that 100 will fit on it and draw the graph from the table. I hope this helps.


I need to no / salt is made up of two elements sodium and chlorine imagine if you could divide a crystle of salt over and over again what will happen when you finally divide a single molecule of salt?

When you have divided it molecule by molecule until there is only one molecule of NaCl left, that is the smallest particle of NaCl you can have. If you divide it any more you will not have NaCl; you will separate the ions and you will have ATOMS of sodium and atoms of Chlorine.

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