What is a reflective essay?
Could someone write down the outline of a reflective essay for 3 Paragraphs?

Also, for the body paragraph do I talk about my personal experience? Is this all, or do I have to anyalysis it?
If so, what are some general things that I can write about what success is?

Thank yOU.

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asked by Amy~
  1. could someone please answer this first and not post a website?

    Although a website is also good...

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    posted by Amy~
  2. Although I would prefer an actually answer...

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    posted by Amy~
  3. Here are some really good sites on writing reflective essays. After you have gone through these carefully,and done some writing, please repost and we will be pleased to make suggestions/ corrections if needed.


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    posted by GuruBlue
  4. which of the following is not a type of outline. A)cyclical outline B)paragraph outline C) sentence outline, D)topic out line

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    posted by whitney

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