Ap european history

Arghhhhh i need to find some material on the internet that explains the impact that the release of Aristotle's writings had on modern european society

The key to this question would be the incorporation of Aritotle's teaching into doctrine of the Catholic church by St. Thomas Aquinas. This philosophy helped begin the climb out of the Dark Ages. See http://www.island-of-freedom.com/ARISTOT.HTM

I need help with a DBQ. I need ti identify and analyze the challenges to the security, unity, and prosperity of the Dutch Republic in 1650-1713. Can anyone help me?

hi can anyone help me im doing a similar dbq the same dbq on nikki but i don't no which documents fall under which theme

hi again im doing a dbq on the dutch republic concerning the the unity prosperity challenges of the dutch rebublic

I need ti identify and analyze the challenges to the security, unity, and prosperity
of the Dutch Republic in 1650-1713. Can anyone help me? ...

For this DBQ make sure to recognize that it is requiring you to analyze the challenges - DO NOT answer this question by simply listing all of the documents which challenged Security, unity, and prosperity. Instead identify the challenges to security, unity and prosperity and group documents showing challenges. Make sure to note that "analyze" means put into categories. Good Luck on this DBQ and don't forget to add Point of View - make sure to vary your PoVs because you will lose your core point if all PoVs come from maps and charts.

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  1. 1. What role did the Medici family play in Renaissance Florence?
    2. Regarding humanism:
    - What are the characteristics of humanism? How was it different
    from medieval scholasticism?from nominalism?
    - Why is Petrarch considered to be the "Father of Humanism"?
    - Why was Cicero a favorite classical figure of Renaissance
    - What was the goal of a "liberal arts" education? What were core
    subjects taught?
    - What is meant by the term "civic humanism"?
    3. How did the Italian Renaissance differ from the Renaissance of the 12c?
    4. According to Castiglione, what are the basic attributes of the Renaissance courtier? How did the values of this courtier influence the development of a modern aristocratic class in Western Europe?
    5. List the qualities of a "Renaissance Man", the l'uomo universale.
    6. List the basic beliefs of the Neo-Platonists. How did their beliefs differ from the civic humanists?
    7. How were humanists responsible for secularizing and professionalizing the writing of history {historiography}?
    8. Why did the Renaissance first begin in Italy? Why was Florence at the heart of the Italian Ren.?
    9. List the qualities of a “Renaissance man”, the l'uomo universale

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