could you help me please

asked by Keaton
  1. You have not explained what the problem is. You have also not clarified whether the first and second terms are (3/2)y or 3/(2y)

    It might help to realize that
    3/(2y) - 3/(2y) = 0

    posted by drwls
  2. What happen to the 4 because the problem is 3 over 2y minus -3 over 2y+4= what. so what happen to the four

    posted by Keaton
  3. 3/2y-3/2y+4

    help me I must turn in tonight.

    posted by Keaton
  4. You should have written the "problem" with parentheses as
    3/(2y) -3/(2y+4) . The way you wrote it, it is not clear what the denomonators are.

    You still have not asked a question.

    You cannot solve for y since it is not an equation. If you are supposed to rewite it with a common deominator, that would be
    = 12/[2y(2y+4)] = 6/[y(2y+4)]

    posted by drwls

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