List five resources you believe are needed for survival and discuss why they are needed for survival. If these resources become limited it may have an effect on the individual, community or population level. Discuss three consequences (one at each level: individual, community, and population) that may occur with each of these resources if these resources become limited.

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  2. yes i would love for some help on this.

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  4. i would like to know what three consequences (one at each level: individual, community, and population) that may occur with each of these resources if these resources become limited.? The resources i came up with are water, food, shelter, resilinence, and humans. Ithink these would be the ones i would need for survival. Thank you.

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  5. I'm not sure what you mean by resilinence.

    If an individual doesn't have enough food, water, and shelter, s/he'll probably die. He might wish he were dead without human companionship.

    If a community doesn't have these necessities, it is likely to fight within the group for these scarce items.

    What about wars as a result of scarcity of needed resources?

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