factoring completely, state that the polynomials is prime.

(x+8)(x-8) not prime.

(4x+6) Check these problem me please

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  1. It seem when I turn in problem noone answer them could someone tell me why.

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  2. x^2 - 16 = (x+4)(x-4) , not what you have

    x^2 - 8 + 12
    = (x-6)(x-2)

    Your answer makes no sense. Whenever you factor, you can check by expanding your answer, and of course you should get back the original question.
    Your answers don't come even close.

    Of course any polynomial which can be factored cannot be prime, just like numbers.

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  3. Ashley, I went back and checked some of your previous posts.
    Some were answered, and some had a lack of brackets that made the question very unclear.

    The tutors that answer questions are all volunteers and are not paid for this. Most of us are either retired or just plain enjoy helping students. You also have to consider the time at which you post question. In my case I am typing this at 12:25 in the morning.

    Have patience, if your question is precise and clear, it will usually get answered.

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