the parameter of a rectangular placemat is 72 in. the length is 4 in. find the with and the length

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asked by anna
  1. You must mean perimeter. Parameter has a different mathematical meaning.

    Call the length and width L and W.

    You already said that the length is 4, but I think you left some words out. Why would they tell you the length and then ask you what it is? A 4 inch length would require the width to be much longer, which makes no sense either.

    Didn't they really say that the length is 4 inches LONGER THAN THE WIDTH? If so, then

    L + W = 36
    L - W = 4
    2L = 40
    L = 20
    W = 16

    You need to be more careful spelling and typing in your questions

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    posted by drwls

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