Hi I need help with sig figs with this problem


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  1. Actually the problem is this:
    Calculate the sodium ion concentration when 74.0 mL of 4.2 M sodium carbonate is added to 33.5 mL of 2.6 M sodium bicarbonate.

    My work is:

    0.074 g Na2CO3*4.2 mol =0.3108 mol Na2CO3

    Na2CO3-->2Na + CO3

    2(0.3108) = 0.6216 mol Na+

    0.0335L NaHCO3* 2.6mol =0.0871 mol NaHCO3

    NaHCO3--> Na + HCO3
    1(0.0871 mol NaHCO3)= 0.0871 Na+

    M=Total volume of Na/total volume

    M=(0.6216 +0.0871)/(0.0740+0.0335)

    I got 6.593 but it says I have the sig figs wrong can you please check my work.

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  2. Both the 4.2 and 2.6 limit the number of s.f. to 2 so I think your answer should be rounded to 6.6

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    posted by DrBob222

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