Ethically, would it be fair to pay U.S. employees who are relocated overseas a different wage than local employees receive? Please justify your position

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  1. Absolutely! First of all the cost of living is different in other countries. Then, the employee will be taxed in both countries and whatever property he/she leaves behind will be a problem. There is also the necessity of coming back to the US every so often.

    Depending upon where the employee will be, there could also be "hazard pay."


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  2. Is it a good idea to open American fast food restaurants in Disney parks overseas selling the same kind of food sold in U.S. parks? Why or why not?

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  3. No, you must keep in the socio-cultural ramification of trying to Americanize other countries. Every country doesn't eat the same food that we eat. For example the people of France are not red meat eaters, would it be wise to sale hamburgers. For a restaurant to be successful overseas some adaptations will have to be made, keeping in mind the countries cultural norms.

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  4. Yes. The relocated employees are most likely still paying bills and supporting family in the American economy

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