college Chemistry

What is thhe pH of 500mL of solution containing 0.0124 grams of Ca(OH)2?

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  1. How many moles do you have?
    moles = grams/molar mass.
    Solve for moles and plug into
    M = moles/L
    Note that you have 2 OH^- for each Ca(OH)2; therefore, multiply the molarity by 2 to find concn OH, then pOH = -log(OH) and convert to pH.

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  2. 0.0124/121.64= 1.02 x 10^-4g/mol

    1.02 x 10^-4/ .5= 2.04 x 10^-4

    2.04 x 10^-4*2=4.08x 10^-4

    -log(4.08 x 10^-4)= 3.39
    thank you so much!!!!!!

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