i have 2 questions but i can't copy the figure for you to understand the problem. is there a way to scan it attach it and sent it to someone so I can understand? thanks.

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  1. You can post it at an image server site and refer to the address here, together with your question.

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  2. thank you for responding but i'm sorry i don't understand what you're saying

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  3. It is true that it is complicated and does not always work (see last step).

    You will need to create the graphics image (diagram) using a software, such as paint(which comes with all Microsoft operating systems). Alternatively, you can draw the diagram on paper and take a picture using a digital camera. Make sure that the photo or the image is legible. MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT PUT PERSONAL INFORMATION ON THE IMAGE.

    It will then be necessary to send the photo or the image to a photo server on the Internet. If you don't have a personal website or a blog, you can send the image to be stored on a public image server. Most of these sites do not charge money and you can find them by Googling "image hosting".

    You will then post a question at this site indicating the address of your image or blog. This part may not always work because in principle, our site here will sometimes delete website addresses from posts.

    Finally, it may be actually simpler to describe the problem in detail without graphics. Give it a try.

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