Correted Bob can you re-check?

So i pretty much had them right the first time with the first set of answers i just needed to round up?

1. $5000.00 compounded annually at 6% for 5 years= $6,691.13?

2. $5000.00 compounded quartley at 6% for 5 years= $6,719.58?

3. $5000.00 compounded quartley at 65 FOR 5 YEARS= $6,734.28?

4. $5000.00 compounded annually at 6% FOR 6 YEARS= $7,092.60?
7. $7000.00 in 5 years at an annual discount rate of 6%= $5,230.81?

8. $7000.00 in 5 years at an semiannual discount rate of 6%= $5,208.66?

9. $7000.00 in 5 years at an quartley discount rate of 6%= $5,197.29?

10. $7000.00 in 6 years at an annual discount rate of 6%= $4,934.72?

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  1. #2 is supposed to be semi-annually

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