Could someone try helping me solve those 2 questions or write me a formula with equaion what to do , thanks for every bit of help

A 600kg elevator accelerates upward from rest for 10 seconds through 40.0meters. Find the cable tension

a) 5130 N

b) 5400 N

c) 6360 N

d) 6630 N

A car traveling 9 m/s slams on its brakes, coming to a stop in 2 seconds. Find how far the car traveling coming to a halt

a) 88.2 m

b) 44.1 m

c) 27.0 m

d) 9.0 m

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  1. Tension on the elevator cable= mg+ma

    find distance when acceleration is -9m/s/3s= -3m/s^3

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