The soil of much of the steppe region of Northern Eurasia is
very fertile and productive.
lacking in minerals and unproductive.
too cold to produce much food.
heavily fertilized with chemicals to make it marginally productive.
What is the greatest source of conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan?

conflicting nationalistic feelings
uneven distribution of oil reserves
different levels of industrialization
offshore fishing rights
The Soviet program of creating cotton fields in central Asia had disastrous consequences for

the Caspian Sea.
the Aral Sea.
Lake Baikal.
the Black Sea.
Because most of the inhabitants in Southwest Asia live near reliable sources of water, the population of the region is

unevenly distributed over the area.
concentrated in small desert villages.
greatest in highland areas.
more than 90 percent Muslim.

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  1. I agree with all of your answers except for the last one.

    Both a and d are correct. However since water is part of the question, the answer for this question must be "unevenly distributed over the area."

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  2. thank you!

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  3. You're welcome.

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