Social Studies

Why do we need Social Studies when I want to be a doctor?

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  1. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Even a doctor should endeavor to be a "well-rounded" individual!

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  2. Oh my gosh!

    Doctors treat patients of all ethnic backgrounds. They need to understand these backgrounds in order to understand their patients' cultures. They need to understand the physiological differences between the world's people in order to treat their physical ailments. Social studies teaches about the world's diverse peoples.

    Doctors prescribe preventive medications for American travelers to exotic foreign location. They need to know the diseases prevalent in different parts of the world. Social studies teaches about the different parts of the world.

    Doctors need to know about history to provide the background for medical problems, inventions, and cures. Social studies teaches about history.

    Doctors need to understand economics in order to make a living. Social studies teaches about economics.

    Doctors are expected to be leaders in their communities. Social studies teaches the information we expect our leaders to know.

    Run the other way if you find a doctor who doesn't know the culture, diseases, and location of a place you want to visit. Run the other way if you find a doctor who doesn't understand the history of diseases and that fleas on rats caused the Bubonic plague in medieval times. Run the other way if you find a doctor who is ignorant of social studies.

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