Could someone please help me with this question?
What is three federal government strategies for uniting citizens and gaining citizen support for World War I Format?
I keep coming up empty handed when I go to find any information.
Thanks for your help.

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  1. Check these sites for ideas.



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  2. I am still very confused by this question. Could you please explain to what this question is all about?

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  3. Your inability to find information amazes me.
    The question is: What active things did the US Government do to mobilize citizens and gain their support during WWI (After all, it was a war "over there").

    What are three things you have found that the US did, encouraged, or supported to boost morale and support?

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  4. On the whole, the American people did not want to fight in a European war. President Wilson and other governmental leaders decided that the U.S. had an obligation to help England and France defeat Germany. So they had to convince the people to support going to war. This article gives more information.


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