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Each letter of the alphabet is written ona separate piece of paper and placed ina box. FInd the probability of now drawing a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) or a letter in the word segments.

is is 16/26 or do I need to break it down more ?

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  1. There are five vowels, 26 total letters.

    Now clarify what you mean by drawing a vowel in a "word segment". How long is the segment? Are letters replaced in the box, or not.

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  2. The letters are not replaced into the box. So 26 letters in the box total (a-z) what is the probability of drawing a vowel or s,e,g,m,e, n, t,s (a letter from the word segments)

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  3. Need the probability of not drawing a vowel or a letter in the word segments.
    So of the 26 total slips in the box is the answer 16/26 ?

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  4. you can draw a, e, i,o, u, s,g,m,n,t and you lose. I count ten letters there.
    So the probabliity of not drawing those is


    you are correct.

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