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With the boom in Information Technology and its accessibility at one's doorstep, Internet has become advantageous for the working mothers. They can set up virtual office at home and can work by enterprise their time between housework and office according to their convenience. At first the idea might have seemed hard to believe and almost improbable, but eventually one may get over the difficulties by strategic planning and time management. The term ‘Mompreneur’ has been coined to define the women who have set up their own business at home and work through a remote office. This enables them to take care of their kids and family as well; and work efficiently from home without clashing with their other responsibilities. Such ventures allow one to work from the comfort of their homes without the added expenses of setting up an office and allow one to translate ones idea without having to make oneself understood to others. According to data provided by Industry Canada, there has been a rise in these working women to 200 percent; and according to a survey conducted by CIBS, more than 70 percent of these women were married and nearly one-third had children under the age group 12.Making a good profit is not a big deal; but it is not easy either. There are a lot of challenges in such a type of home-owned business. In most cases the business is likely to become defunct if the proprietor is not skilled and hard working. "Most entrepreneurs fail within the first year of operation," says Kathryn Bechthold, editor of Mompreneur Magazine. Initially, the entrepreneur may meet with financial problem, but it may be overcome by taking loans. In the beginning one may tend to spend more than one earns; so a little financial planning and preparedness is necessary to meet this eventuality. Also, networking is really helpful for making the business a success. Communicating with other such entreprenuers, one can regulate costs and get professional help. On the whole, the concept for women working from home shall boost the market in years to come. This sort of business is going to add another dimension to the definition of a woman and define the nature of business in the time to come.

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