What would be a good place to go and visit in this world that contains lots of information about our past?

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  1. Greece would be the best place. It is where western civilization really began.

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  2. Rome, Italy
    Pompeii, Italy
    Athens, Greece
    Several places in Egypt

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  3. Thanks, not regarding my homework may I ask what place in this world you would like to go visit and why? I would really like to go and visit France because of its big stores/malls and I would really like to go to England.

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  4. My favorite place is Paris, France. I've been there several times and have gone up in the Eiffel Tower, worshipped at Sacre Coeur, appreciated Notre Dame Cathedral, and visited Versailles, among many other places. I'd like to go back again and explore the neighborhood around "my" hotel in the sixth arrondissement and the adjoining Jardin du Luxembourg.

    I've also been to England several times and love it too.

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  5. You're so lucky. My dream is to go to France. I seriously have not been out of Canada yet. I really want to go out there:-)

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  6. Have patience, Sara. I didn't visit a foreign country other than Canada until I was in my 40s.

    However, when they were in high school, two of my granddaughters spent a month in France living with a family. One of them, Katy, took French from grades 8 through 12 and minored in it in college. She was fortunate enough to get a job with Disneyland Paris. She's been there over a year and will probably come home in June. She's loved it.

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