can proof read and i made some changes that writeteacher told me

A seventeen year old boy, Alex is the main character of the novel. Alex comes from school and find out his father in study. He saw his father talking on the phone. His father Ted Jackson,is a cameraman of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He is a risk-taker with a childlike personality. When he was done with phone, he said to Alex , he has assignment in China. Then he asked to Alex to come with him. He went with his father to china. Before went to Beijing, he has interest in military history and he made many clay soldiers at his own home. He simply likes Chinese military . When they arrived at Beijing there was man standing with Jackson mane board in his hands. His name is Lao Xu. they arrived at hotel of Beijing. There was one of the top news correspondents, Eddie Nowlan who will

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  1. Anu, please do not keep posting the same question after you've received an answer.

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