How much faster does sound travel through water than air in one second?

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  1. what is the speed of sound in

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  2. idk... go look it up for me too whilr your at it... lol:)

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  3. Just Google it. You need to know how to look up information.

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  4. Sound does not travel at the same speed in air as it does in water. In dry air at 20o C it travels about 343 meters/second. In water it travels 4.3 times as fast.

    yes, it is the same

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  5. No, Priscilla, they are not the same speed. One is 4.3 times faster.

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  6. 1.1how far does it fall in 5s?
    1.2 what is its speed after 4s?
    1.3 Determine its speed after falling 125 m?
    1.4 What is its speed after 2,7s ?
    1.5 how far does it fall in 3,8s?
    1.6 how long does it take to fall 54 m?
    1.7 Determine its speed after it falls 63m

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