What can be considered the most problomatic factor that influences patient communication?

Fow the most substantial I chose listening skills.

I just need a lead, I am having trouble coming up with a problomatic factor.. I will elaborate on it once I find out what exactly it means.
I appreciate any help

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  1. Many patients don't listen carefully, or they listen but don't really understand what the doctor is telling them. To me, the biggest communication problem is a patient's tendency not to ask questions if he/she doesn't understand what the doctor means.

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  2. Problematic factors may include:

    Patient doesn't want to hear the doctor's diagnosis

    Patient's language skills are inadequate to understand

    Patient may be too upset to understand or remember what the doctor said. I know many people who take another person with them when they see a doctor so that they both have a chance to understand and remember.

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